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The Bay Area is famous for a lot of things like technology, universities, the Silicon Valley, etc. But when it comes to theatres, their presence is fairly limited. If you are a connoisseur of plays, there are several regional theatre companies to entertain you during your visit.

 In this article, we will curate some of the best repertory theatres in the Bay Area.

Berkeley Repertory Theater

Berkeley Rep has been around since the hippie days of 1968. Equipped with two stages, they have made a name for themselves by producing smart, provocative and polished works. They even won a Tony for outstanding regional theatre. Apart from bringing the Broadways show to the Bay Area, they have even produced shows that later went to the Broadway. They also attract some big names every year. Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, and Kathleen Turner are just some of the famed cast who recently performed at Berkeley Rep.

New Conservatory Theatre Center

 The New Conservatory Theatre Center was established with two aims, to bring high-quality productions and to educate the youth, artists and the queer community. While the main stage is used to produce new works, the Youth Conservatory is used exclusively to train young artists in the art.

San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Company

Also known as BATCO, the theatre is a relatively new addition to the Bay Area. It specializes in creating productions that reflect the history of the region.

American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.)

The American Conservatory Theater is another major player in the region. They often have big names in their cast list and have brought many shows directly from the Broadway. They are known for their well designed and expensive sets. The primary stage, the Geary Theater, is refurbished and stands to rival the finest in New York.

  Each theatre follows its own schedule. If you are visiting only for a few days, we suggest looking up the schedule ahead of time.