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Many believe acting talent comes only by birth. But as dozens of award-winning actors would affirm, it is just another skill you can learn and master. If you work hard and get proper guidance, you can get good in your stage acting skills. The best way to learn these skills is to take a class at your school’s drama department or by joining a theater club.

Acting is a culmination of multiple skills. It has the voice, movement, body language and knowledge. To become a better actor, improve in all of these areas. In this article, we will lay out some fundamental skills that can help jump-start your training.

  1. Improving your Voice

In stage acting, voice occupies a prominent role because it carries your emotion. A flexible voice allows you to embody any character. Strong accents, a fast talker, a slow talker, the one with a lisp, all these characteristics make voice a big part of your repertoire of skills. Learn a few voice warmup exercises and practice them every day. Learning how to sign in western classical music would be a big advantage although not necessary.

  1. Master your movement

In acting, body movements convey a lot. To get the ability to don any role, you have to first get rid of stress and tension from all over your body. Only then you can gain a masterful control over movement. Practice movement exercises like Tai Chi or join your local contemporary dance class. Understand the nuances of absolute control over your movement.

  1. Build your knowledge

No worthwhile actor was created in solitary confinement. To be a good stage actor, build your knowledge base. Read a lot of plays and watch as many as you can. Dissect and understand how the actors are bringing each character to life.

Following these simple steps regularly will help you improve your acting skills.