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Getting a chance to audition in a theatre is a difficult affair. The competition is immense and expectations are sky high. But there is no shortage of dreamers who want to make it big in the Broadway and/or possibly, the Hollywood. So how do you go about finding the auditions and casting calls in the theater?

One of the most powerful ways to find auditions is by having the right connections. When a thousand women show up for a single role, it is hard for the casting directors to pay equal attention to everyone. So, they will use some form of elimination which may have nothing to do with your talent. But if an influential agent or another artist referred you, they may pay special attention to you.

 So, build a network within the theater community. This way, you get first dibs on most casting calls.

 But not everyone is born with connections. here is what such people should do.

In San Francisco, Backstage is a great place to find out current casting calls. They cater to both union and non-union productions. You can even set up a search to find the kind of roles you are interested. Once you sign up and set up your search parameters, they will email the right casting calls to your mailbox.

There are several other websites that specialize in announcing casting calls. Most of them function the same way as Backstage. Find a list of functional websites and set up alerts to come to your mailbox. This way, you will be ready to apply for the role of your choice.

 It is also important to keep your portfolio up to date, along with your theater resume and reference lists. There is nothing worse than losing a gig because of lack of preparation.